• Auto Washer Loader

    Auto Washer Loader

    Features/ Specifications: Use to auto load washer to stamping machine. Adjustable conveyor speed. 6 rods buffer design to reduce operat

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  • Parts Collector

    Parts Collector

    Features/ Specifications: Use to collect small stamping parts from stamping machine. Two machine size available ranging from parts size of

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  • Oil and Gas Industry

    Oil and Gas Industry

    Project Description: To supply material & manpower for all electrical/ Instrumentation/ Job & Servicing Flare TCs, including test pilot

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  • Power Generation Plant

    Power Generation Plant

    Project Description: Calibration and service of on-line instruments. (i.e. Differential Pressure Switch, Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Swit

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  • Bearing Manufacturing Plant

    Bearing Manufacturing Plant

    Features/ Specifications: AS-interface Project. Control system from grinding, assembly, testing to packing. 4 AS-Interface gateways wit

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  • Conveyor Line in Vietnam

    Conveyor Line in Vietnam

    Features/ Specifications: Total length of 60m with combination of chain, roller and spiral conveyor. 11 sets of inverter to start/ stop ind

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  • Tunnel Oven Temperature Control

    Tunnel Oven Temperature Control

    Features/ Specifications: Tunnel oven with 6 zones X 2 for top and bottom temperature. Averaging control on top and bottom temperature and

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  • Auto Barrel Plating Conversion and Upgrade

    Auto Barrel Plating Conversion and Upgrade

    Features/ Specifications: Previous process was nickel plating and auto mode have failed since long ago. PLC remains but added a 5" col

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  • Towline Conveyor for Furniture Manufacturing

    Towline Conveyor for Furniture Manufacturing

    Features/ Specifications: Nais FP Sigma PLC. Pro-face 10.4” Color HMI. 13 synchronizing inverters control for tow line conveyor.

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