Power Generation Plant

Project Description:

Calibration and service of on-line instruments. (i.e. Differential Pressure Switch, Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Switch, Pressure Gauge & Temperature gauge.)

Installation of NOVA 380WP Portable Tri-Gas Analyzer C/W Scada Monitoring System.

Installation of level transmitters at CWP Hydraulic Power Unit reservoir.

Supply of manpower and material for installation of TCs during the shutdown period.

Servicing & Calibration of Combustible gas detectors. Installation & commissioning of oil sampling line for TKPS steam turbine generator transformer.

Maintenance & Calibration job for all control valve, Attemperator, Actuator, Main steam Motorized Valve, Pressure transmitter & Flow Transmitter.

Instrumentation works for power pack unit at main generator unit. Installation of flow indicator meter c/w Scada Monitoring System.

Calibration of 500 over units of instrument on 2 weeks shutdown schedule.

GT Air Filter Sequencer upgrade from PCB controller to S7-300 PLC.